The Marfa Canvas Shower Curtain by Quiet Town

The Marfa Canvas Shower Curtain by Quiet Town


The Marfa in “Atlantic” is a modern quilt reminiscent of earth and sky and inspired by Josef Albers' color studies. Each square is hand-sewn using durable denim hemming on the exterior and cotton-bound seams on the interior. Corners are rounded like those on an old sail.

100% Cotton 10oz canvas, USA

Colors from outside to inside: Light Grey, Chambray Blue, Teal Blue, Mustard


Finished with 100% brass grommets.

Curtains constructed in Brooklyn, canvas milled in USA, grommets imported from Turkey.


Machine wash in cold water. Dry on low heat. Recommended use with a liner but can be used without. If used without a liner, shake excess water off curtain and allow to dry on the outside of tub. Wash twice a month if used regularly to prevent mold and mildew.

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