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some things we love

swedish rya rug



convertible backpack

by vereverto


totem candles

by areaware

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About us

Ashley (the brunette one) + Brooke (the blonde one)

We founded Candid Home at the tail end of 2018, out of a shared love for color, weird shapes and anything Italian.

Candid Home offers a mix of vintage furniture sourced globally, current fine art and small goods from an array of vendors worldwide.

We hope you love the store as much as we loved creating it!

Meet our friends




Micheal uses vintage fashion, architectural, science and nature magazines to create collages which he then enlarges into prints.

His full print collection is available to order exclusively through Candid Home.

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Austin’s neon signs are heavily inspired by his work as a tattoo artist. He uses traditional neon craft techniques to create his beautiful wood backed and glass bent signs.

His work is available in 3 custom styles and 2 sizes through Candid Home.

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Jhovany quiroz


Jhovany’s work is focused on warping color + shape. Using his photography skills as a jumping off point he digitally manipulates his images to the point of no return.

His work is available in 6 styles through Candid Home.